OpenPlant Forum and Industry-Academia Networking Event

25th – 27th July 2016
John Innes Conference Centre, Norwich

The OpenPlant Forum is the annual meeting of the BBSRC-EPSRC funded OpenPlant Synthetic Biology Research Centre. Funded under the Synthetic Biology for Growth programme, the Centre promotes interdisciplinary exchange, open technologies for innovation and responsible innovation for sustainable agriculture and biotechnology.

The OpenPlant Forum will provide a platform for a multidisciplinary exploration of applications for reprogrammed plant and agricultural systems, and the wider implications of potentially disruptive new technologies. The first day will investigate the growing potential for reprogramming plant feedstocks, and the relative benefits of these systems for bioproduction. Following on from this, the second day will focus on the tools that will enable innovation and exchange to realise the growing potential.

The Forum will be preceded by an industry-academia networking event focussed on platforms and chassis for plant synthetic biology.

The OpenPlant Forum and industry-academia networking event are open to all and free to attend. Please register via the OpenPlant website: If you have any queries, please contact