NPRONET - Natural products discovery and bioengineering network


NPRONET meetings, workshops and other events will be held at locations across UK hosted by MB members to ensure maximum community engagement and to attract new members.

The network opening meeting was be held in Manchester 3rd-4th July 2014 and the priorities and challenges facing the network were discussed as well as enabling members to demonstrate their expertise. Subsequent annual meetings, for the whole community, will review progress within the network and introduce new members.

NPRONET community meeting, 4th-5th October, 2017 – Register

We would like to invite members of NPRONET to our community meeting on the 4th and 5th October, 2017 to further develop collaboration within our network.
At the event we will hear about some of the projects funded through our proof of concept and business interaction voucher schemes. We would also like to invite those with recent research progress in the field to speak as well as industry to present new challenges to the community.

Speakers include:
Anne Osbourn – John Innes Centre
Andrew Collis – GlaxoSmithKline
Christophe Corre – University of Warwick
Christopher Thomas – University of Birmingham
Lorena Fernández Martínez – Edge Hill University
Ryan Seipke – University of Leeds
Colin Smith – University of Brighton
Rebecca Goss – University of St Andrews
Gary Black – Northumbria University
Dominic Campopiano – University of Edinburgh
Patrick Cai – University of Manchester
Chris Willis – University of Bristol

Additionally, for new members of the network, or those who were unable to attend previously, there are presentation slots available to inform network members of your research interests and how you would like to contribute to the network. This was a great success at our launch event where many research group leaders and companies gave short presentations to explain their work.

Registration for the NPRONET meeting on the 4th and 5th October, 2017 is free, including accommodation and dinner on the evening of the 4th October in Manchester and is now open and if you have not already done so, please click here to register and select the appropriate ticket type. If you would like to present at the meeting please email

We look forward to seeing you in Manchester in October.

Best wishes

Themed Events

NPRONET will run themed workshops and sand-pits on specific research topics which allow members with common interests to build new collaborations and partnerships to address future funding calls and other opportunities in industrial biotechnology.

Early Career Researcher Events

Early-career researcher events will be held annually. These one day symposia will be open to all members and provide the opportunity for students and PDRAs to give oral and poster presentations will networking with peers and more experienced researchers.

Events Calendar

Please see the calendar below for upcoming events relevant to Natural products discovery and bioengineering and Industrial Biotechnology

Previous Events

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